About Shweta

  • Shweta is a multi-award winning business coach and her achievements include some of the coveted awards for “Number 1 Coach in Europe”, ”EMEA SalesCOACH” & “World’s Fastest Growing Coaching Business” out of more than 1400 coaches globally.
  • Based on their business performance and initiatives, Shweta’s clients have won prestigious awards and industry recognition including ”Best Business Financials”, ”Best Business for Growth Strategy”, ”Business Innovations Award”, ”Entrepreneur of the Year”, ”Best Business for Customer Service” & ”Business of the Year”
  • More than ten years of experience & learning, including her successful stint at global FMCG Unilever, has provided Shweta with an exceptionally strong knowledge base in the key areas of sales, marketing, advertising, customer relationship management, team building & business development. This is knowledge & experience that she is able to draw on for her clients. During her time at Unilever, Shweta won two Director’s awards for outstanding achievement in her various senior managerial positions
  • Shweta’s clients have achieved phenomenal consistent growth over the last three years (averaging 41%!) despite the crippling recession that has hit Europe. Here’s a selection of what her clients have to say

What are the top 5 things business coaching with Shweta can help you with?

You will be:

  1. developing & implementing SMART strategic plans
  2. achieving key financial targets & goals
  3. systemising business procedures & processes
  4. improving operations efficiency & customer service
  5. establishing high performance teams

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‘A commercial, profitable enterprise that works efficiently & effectively without you!’

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